Kitchen Renovation – Pond Street, Easton, MA


This kitchen remodel in a classic home in a historic section of North Easton presented a number of challenges to both the design and installation teams.  Long and narrow, the original design did not allow much space for furniture that would make for an eat-in kitchen.  Further, in what was a traditional design at the time, the sink area was separated from the remainder of the kitchen in a small room off to the corner.  Situated near a pond, the owners wanted a new, more functional design that would afford them views of their beautiful surroundings while working at the kitchen sink.

To achieve the vision the homeowners had for their new kitchen required some ingenuity and some heavy lifting.  First, the separate sink area would be moved and integrated into a new cabinet design.  The sink would be situated directly below the window with the best view of the nearby pond.  Meanwhile, the space that originally housed the sink was transformed into a half-bath and a mud room.

Deep colored cabinets provided a classic look for the room and were accented with granite countertops.  The true centerpiece for the room, however, was the extra-long center island that would double as additional cabinet space and as seating for up to four people, the perfect place to sit for breakfast.  Brushed metal appliances completed the modernization of the space while the rich colors and textures integrated perfectly with the elegance of this traditional home.



Cabinets – Starmark

Countertops – Granite


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