Kitchen Renovation – Cranberry Lane, Easton, MA


Transforming a separate kitchen, living room and foyer into an open and integrated space with a single design motif is no small feat, but that’s just what Emond Brothers did with this beautiful home on Cranberry Lane in Easton, MA.

Each individual room on the first floor of this home was reasonably sized and usable.  As is often the case, however, in homes where these spaces are separated by walls, natural light was limited and the layout was not conducive to large family gatherings.  In this case, the homeowners wanted a single open space, filled with light, that was beautiful, easy to cook in and easy to clean.

The first step in the process was to eliminate the main walls separating the long narrow kitchen from the long narrow living room and dining room.  To do this a new 18′ beam was installed to provide structural support to the second floor of the home in the absence of these walls.   The space where the walls used to be would now be filled with the piece that would serve as the center of the new design: a gorgeous accent island complete with custom cut granite and corbel accents on the cabinetry.  This piece was surrounded with light colored cabinets from Starmark with a light glaze to blend with the darker cabinetry of the accent island.

New hardwood flooring was placed throughout the space while tile was used in the newly configured foyer area.  A gas powered fireplace was integrated into the new living room area complete with marble accent pieces while toe-kick heating elements were integrated into the kitchen cabinetry to ensure the whole first floor would remain comfortable through the cold New England winter months.

The end result of this project is more than just a kitchen remodel, it is a living space remodel where even the tiniest details reflect the original vision of the homeowners.

The Before

Design Team


Cabinets – Starmark

Countertops – Granite

Flooring – Santos Mahogany

Tile – Fitzgerald