Michelle – Designer

While many designers look to websites or magazines for inspiration, Michelle finds her greatest inspiration is her clients themselves.  Receiving her bachelors degree in Interior Design from the New England Institute of Technology, Michelle can easily apply her training to form an initial design for any space.  It’s when her clients bring their own ideas to the table and her concepts mix with those ideas that the magic really happens.

The clients that work best with Michelle are the ones who aren’t afraid to tell her what they want and what they don’t want.  That even applies to situations where her clients don’t know that they don’t want something until they’ve seen it in her design.  Creation of the ideal space is a process of trial and error and open collaboration is the best and fastest way to get to the perfect end result.  And who knows, along the way she just may introduce you to a few ideas that you never knew you always wanted.

You can browse through some of Michelle’s work in the portfolio below.