Lisa – Design Manager

Lisa has been designing custom spaces for clients with Emond Brothers for over twenty years.  Kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment spaces, laundry rooms…if it’s in a home, Lisa has designed it.

A student of the Hall Institute and Newbury College, Lisa combines her formal training with a close collaboration with our best suppliers to create an extensive offering of styles, materials, and design concepts to bring to bear on your new design.

This vast knowledge and experience makes Lisa a sought after resource for creating designs for new construction and remodels alike.  Whether for a single custom home or a development containing multiple homes of similar design, Lisa is able to easily craft a unique design for each home.  Knowing how to find the balance between meeting a specific style and leaving room for the homeowner to add their own flair is just one of the many things that make Lisa such a valuable member of the Emond Brothers team.

You can browse through some of Lisa’s work in the portfolio below.