Karen – Designer

Some of the finest and most well respected golf courses in the world have been designed by Jack Nicklaus.  His knowledge of the challenges that different landscapes create is made all the more powerful by his many, many years of successful experience as a player.  In fact, when it comes to any kind of design the best results come from those who not only have technical knowledge but experience with and love for the end product as well.

In this way, kitchens aren’t much different from golf courses.  So when we say that Karen is the Jack Nicklaus of kitchen design, you’ll know what we mean.  A student of the New England Institute of Technology, Karen has been designing kitchens for new homes and remodels for over twenty years, fifteen of those right here at Emond Brothers.  And while her training and her experience afford her the right skills to be a successful designer, it’s her passion as a chef that allows her to craft designs that are every bit as functional as they are beautiful.

Imagining how she would cook in a space, Karen knows just where things should be for a kitchen to be one that’s easy to work in.  Keeping the right tools at arms length, finding creative uses for unique spaces and putting the right kind of storage just where it’s needed help create a work-flow through the kitchen that matches the lifestyle of the homeowner.  Be it for preparing gourmet meals or snacks and school lunches the end result is always a kitchen that excites the chef with its practicality while inspiring guests with its beauty.

Perhaps that’s why Karen is so often praised by our clients for having a knack for finding ways to make even the most challenging designs successful ones.  Or perhaps its because she prides herself on partnering with her clients throughout the entirety of the design, material selection and installation process.  In this way she can make sure that a home owner never feels overwhelmed by the vast array of choices and options in front of them while still ending up with a design that not only suits their needs but becomes a showcase that they will treasure for years to come.

You can browse through some of Karen’s work in the portfolio below.